Frequently Asked Questions

Fantastic!  Contact us and we'll give you relevant info.

Another industry standard answer - NO.   Any photographer willing to give you their raw images isn't a professional photographer. Photographers might show you unedited images, but you will never get the raw files.

All images will be provided in high resolution Jpeg via Dropbox for you to print or share with family and friends. (Through the years working with international clients, we have found this to be the fastest, most convenient and secure way to handle images for all parties involved.) You do not need Dropbox to download them and you can share the links with family and friends so they can have their own prints made.  (Less stress for you!)  Your photographer will let you know how long the images will be available for download.

A week before the wedding, please.

Up to 8 weeks (excluding delivery time). It could be less… We also have a 3 week quick edit as optional extra.

We know that schedules are not always kept to, so if you want us to, we'll work overtime and bill you after the wedding for the extra hours. We'll never work extra billable hours without checking with you.

Yes, please. This is in some ways more important than food. Please make sure your bartenders know this.  We work longer hours than any of your other suppliers, perspire a lot when shooting(it’s a physical job on the day) and need to hydrate continuously. We’ll only have soft drinks, juice, water, tea and such. We won’t consume any alcohol and we won’t misuse your kindness.

If we work more than 5 hours, yes a meal would be fantastic, thank you. This also is an industry standard. You don’t have to seat us at the guest tables, but we need a table to regroup or change lenses at. We prefer the table to be close by so we don’t miss anything.

Yes... and no. We have our shooting and basic editing style, but every wedding is unique and we take our inspiration from your day and surroundings. Be realistic about your expectations. If one shoots in a dark venue, don’t expect light and airy images. If one shoots in harsh sunlight, don’t expect dreamy or even toned images. Where and at what time one shoots has a huge effect on the final look and feel of an image. Photographers also can’t shoot what isn’t there. Love of Light is well known for capturing emotion, but we can’t produce an image of the groom crying or the mother of the bride laughing if they did’t. We document what’s there.

If you want to read more about different styles of and approaches to wedding photography, you can do so here. You can read about our individual styles under our profile pages here.

Yes. If you want us to we’ll gladly shoot family formals. We’ll discuss this some more once you’ve booked us.

We will gladly shoot (and have shot) LGBT, religious, secular, inter-racial, traditional or non-traditional weddings. We believe in capturing love and unity in all its beautiful glory, no matter its shape or form.

Some photographers follow trends when it comes to editing. They slap on a few presents, actions or filters and viola!, editing done. We feel (and have learned through the years) that trends don’t last and in a few years time, the images produced this way will look dated. We believe in keeping the image as natural looking as possible. This doesn’t mean that it’s only edited a little bit. (If you want to understand why a RAW image has to be edited to make it natural looking, you can read here.) It means we won’t give you bigger eyes or edit your wedding crashing relative or photobombing dog out of the family pic for example. With regards to beauty - We do basic beauty editing, but if you want magazine editing, you can have it, just keep in mind that you’ll have to ask for a separate quote and be willing to pay magazine prices. This is an industry standard.

Definitely! And have and we’d love to so more! Please contact us for details about destination wedding packages as it depends on location.

It depends on the package and where your wedding is. For the most part 100km from our homes are included. Thereafter it’s R7 per km. Some packages include traveling to any part of South Africa. Accommodation is normally required for weddings 60 km from our homes the night of the wedding if we shoot later than 9pm. If your wedding starts earlier than 11 am, we’ll need accommodation on the evening before the wedding too.

We have probably been to your venue or researched it online extensively by the time you book us. If you still want us to have a walk-through with you the rate is R500 + travel costs (R5 per km).

We will meet in person or Skype/iMessage with couples who have booked us. This should preferably be done before you send out your final invitations or finalize your schedule. We have an enormous amount of tips and tricks to help you plan your day. If we consult via Skype/iMessage or at or close to the photographer’s home, there will be no additional costs. Should you wish that we come and see you the cost is R500 + travel costs (R5 per km).

Yes, we welcome it. We will (besides the high resolution digital images) give you resized digital images for use on the web (the high resolution images will be way too big). You may print the high resolution images as you see fit.

We have copyright on all images for commercial purposes. You are welcome to use them for competitions, etc. When the venue where you got married, your make-up artist or any other vendor, want to use some of the photos, they need to contact us. We retain the right to publish all photos on our website, advertising mediums, magazines, social media, etc. We do have a privacy option as an extra on all our packages should you not want your images used or published.

The general public usually can’t understand why one photographer would charge a fraction of what another photographer charges. Simply put, it’s because they’re better and more experienced. You might not notice the difference right away, but you eventually will. There are 2 main reasons why someone would be a “cheaper” photographer: (1) They know what they’re worth and know they’re not as good as the more expensive photographers or (2) they’re just entering the market and have little experience running a successful business, so they undercharge because they have no idea what their business expenses actually are. Many a seasoned professional will admit to learning this the hard way. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. You can try your luck, but is your wedding photography really what you want to try it with?

What you see on your wedding day is less than 15% of the actual work that goes into covering your wedding. So we wedding photographers work hard, very hard. Wedding photographers also have very expensive equipment. (Entry level professional gear needed for a wedding will cost R150 000 minimum and more seasoned pro’s can easily carry R500 000 worth of equipment with them). Contrary to popular belief, these cameras do not last forever. One has to be able to replace them and insurance is an absolute essential. We haven’t even mentioned our computers and editing software! That can be anything from R30 000 - R100 000 a year (depending on the photographer and what they use). We also have running costs like websites, hosting, advertising (ex. a typical wedding planning website charges R450/month for a basic listing. Multiply that by 12 and the number of sites a photographer advertises on and you get quite a hefty sum.) etc.

Unfortunately we do not offer discounts. We do however have special packages for the budget conscious couple depending on the wedding size, the time of year and the day of the week. Our prices are very competitive for the quality we offer and the expertise, training and experience we have. We also only shoot 25 weddings a year in order to keep our services exclusive, personal and of the highest standard. So don’t wait too long to book us.

Please contact us via e-mail through our contact page or contact us individually (via our ABOUT pages) with your date and venue to see if we are available. We will send you the price list. When you’ve decided to make the booking, confirm with us and we’ll send you the contract and banking details for the deposit. We have a standard deposit on all packages so you can always pay the deposit to secure the date and choose a package at a later stage.

Unfortunately not. This is an industry standard and any photographer who’s willing to do this is either inexperienced or desperate.

We have packages to suit every budget. From intimate weekday weddings to all-inclusive, luxury packages. From budget photo-books to exquisite quality leather albums. Contact us for our price list.